Statement from Rutgers administration


Rutgers University has many pockets of sustainability efforts across the campuses.  There are over 350 courses that touch upon one or more of the seventeen United Nations sustainable development goals.  There are numerous faculty members doing research in support of those goals.  New buildings at Rutgers are designed to meet LEED Silver certification.  Solar panels, geothermal systems, rain gardens, water refill stations, and other sustainability features abound throughout the campus.  This website was designed to publicize all of these efforts to allow Rutgers students to become more involved in sustainability, and to attract new students to consider studying sustainability at Rutgers.

About Rutgers Sustainability Committee


The Rutgers University Sustainability Committee, as its stand today, was formed under the charge of President Barchi in the beginning of 2014.

Per President Barchi’s Charge:

The University Sustainability Committee’s mission is to organize and articulate sustainable practices and principles in education and research, and in our university operations, with the goal of reducing our impact on the environment as we fulfill our expanding mission as a comprehensive public research university. The committee will have broad representation from faculty, staff, and students from all of our campuses and RBHS.

Anyone interested in working with the committee should contact Mike Kornitas, Director Sustainability and Energy.


Degree programs


Rutgers is pleased to offer a Sustainability Minor which is aligned with 15 different academic majors.

Sustainability Minor:

Articulation with 15 academic majors:


Because Rutgers has infused so many of its courses with Sustainable themes, many faculty members have some relationship with sustainability.  While this has led to some stovepiping of sustainability in different areas of the university, it has also lead to some interesting interdisciplinary efforts among faculty.  In order to foster additional sustainability collaboration, this website is open to any faculty member to self-nominate, and to put their particular sustainability effort on the web here.  Faculty are not listed by department, but are in alphabetical order.